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ˆ10% of customers switching their gas and electricity suppliers with energyhelpline (and their partners) between 1st Jan 2019 and 30th Sep 2019 saved £461 or more. 

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It's all about people like you, your friends and your family coming together as a group to get a special super cheap energy deal from suppliers.

100k customers have saved money through our collectives

£10M+ has been saved by customers on their bills

Members can expect to save up to £461ˆ

What is The Radio Times Big Energy Switch?

The Radio Times Energy Club is a collective switching scheme. A collective switching scheme uses group buying power to secure exclusive low cost energy deals from suppliers. Don’t worry, we organise the deal. All you need to do is register. Once the deal is available for switching we’ll contact you so that you can see how much you can save and choose to switch or not. There's absolutely no obligation to switch if you don't want to!  

Energy suppliers we compare include:

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How does it work?

To obtain the lowest energy tariff possible, we hold a reverse auction with suppliers, where they bid with lower and lower tariffs - until the lowest bid wins. That winning bid will be the tariff we offer exclusively to you, our customers (and the customers of our partners).

But to do all of this, we need to first accept simple and no-obligation registrations from you. We leverage your registrations to interest suppliers in offering a bargain tariff.

How much can I save?
We can’t give you exact figures until the supplier deal(s) are finalised. However what we can tell you is, customers saved up to £461ˆ a year. 

Can I join no matter where I live?
Yes! The more the merrier. Invite your friends and family no matter where they live in the UK. The only exception is Northern Ireland – where we are unable to organise switching deals (sorry).

When will I get the offer?
Once the collective opens for switching, we contact you to tell you about the winning deal(s) and how much you could save. Typically, the deals will be available for around 4 weeks for switching.

If I join do I have to switch energy supplier?
No. There is absolutely no obligation. You are free to switch to our collective tariff, choose from many other tariff offers, or simply stay with your current tariff.

Why switch?
We’ve consistently secured exclusive deals that offer savings of hundreds of pounds compared to standard energy deals. We have more suppliers to choose from than any other service. The deals we negotiate are not available anywhere else.

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Mon-Fri -9am - 8pm, Sat-Sun - 9am - 5pm

Mon-Fri -9am - 8pm, Sat-Sun - 9am - 5pm

Got a question or need help?

It was extremely easy as energyhelpline did most of the work on my behalf. I would certainly recommend others to take advantage of the savings to be made by switching
- Tony, Surrey

I always look to review energy providers as and when better deals come on the market. It was very easy… and I urge people to look at switching energy providers on a regular basis
- Susan, Lancashire